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PSI 8.8L Gasoline or Propane Engine

Purpose-built for the school bus industry, PSI's medium-duty 8.8L naturally aspired engine is available with gasoline or propane power unit developed from the black up to be reliable and durable.

PSI 8.8L V8 Gasoline

Based on feedback from our customers, we set out to develop a gasoline powered, commercial-grade V8 engine purpose-built for school buses that features similar power and performance to diesel. This means immediate acceleration from a complete stop and greater hill climbing capability. In other words: a no-compromise solution for school districts everywhere.


PSI 8.8L V8 Propane

SPI's high-performance V8 can handle the rigors of on-road duty delivering a clean-technology solution without sacrificing power or performance. Superior engine performance is driven by an ECU that integrates and coordinates all critical functions including governor, variable ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, knock suppression and engine protection. 

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Powered By Gasoline

Powered By Propne

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