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CE Series

You need buses that reach their destinations with ironclad predictability. The CE Series was engineered from the tires up to withstand the rigors of daily use and get your passengers there on time, every time. Power your ride with diesel, propane, or gasoline engines and access tools and resources to operate as efficiently as possible - all with a line of buses that are fun to drive.


Key Features

  • Leave No Student Behind rear safety feature: standard

  • 16-gauge steel body and 100% steel rub rail for added durability: standard

  • Evenly spaced entry steps - the widest in the industry

  • LCD onboard diagnostics with fault code reporting for easy maintenance

  • Three-piece flat, roped-in windshield and stationary glass for easy replacement

  • Electric passenger door with a standard electric vandal lock on the entrance door

  • Interchangeable BTI seating with precision, die-formed seat base and seat back

  • Wide-opening, easy-tilt three-piece fiberglass hood for improved access

  • Specifications

  • Engine choice

Engine Offering

IC Bus offers three engines in the CE Series:

CE Series Diesel

CE Series Gasoline

CE Series Propane

CE Series brochure

Contact our Sales Team for More Information:


                        Northern Florida:                    Southern Florida:                              Administration:

                  Jamie Gray: 813-426-4168      Margaret Holland: 813-503-7418       Dianna Chesney: 813-361-9629                    

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