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IC Bus & OnCommand Connection

IC Bus is proud to introduce Over-the-Air Programming, a revolutionary way to service and maintain an entire fleet. OnCommand® Connection is world-class telematics that’s truly built with all customers in mind, and has an open architecture with all school bus makes capabilities. IC Bus is stepping forward and taking the lead in the industry, embracing technology and innovation with the ultimate goal of increasing uptime for our school bus fleet customers. With the power of OnCommand® Connection, users can significantly increase uptime, enhance the driver experience by providing real-time diagnostics and communication, and deliver more visibility for parents and administrators. 

Over-the-Air Programming is a simple yet innovative system, made possible with the 9-pin OnCommand® Link device, is designed to reduce time spent in the service shop programming engines and increase time on the road. Over-the-Air Programming is leveraging reliable technology to boost uptime in a whole new way.



With Over-the-Air Programming customers get the benefit of secure, two-way engine communication, allowing them to wirelessly update their engines without a service visit. That means they can remotely guarantee that buses are running the manufacturer’s most up-to-date approved engine calibrations for optimizing fuel economy and enhancing engine reliability. Over-the-Air-Programming uses the OnCommand Link device, which enables buses to connect to a secure WiFi signal. The Link is available as an aftermarket product for buses. With this tool, customers can keep their finger on the pulse of their entire fleet without ever leaving the facility.



Over-the-Air Programming was conceived to maximize uptime. When paired with OnCommand® Connection, users gain access to a standard health report containing over 130 parameter values. Standard health reports are equivalent to any dealer scan used for troubleshooting by a service technician. It stores info every 30 minutes – up to 500 reports. This effectively reduces servicing costs while also eliminating the transit and wait time costs that come with service visits. Fewer dealer service trips means less downtime, less cost, and more uptime.



A few simple steps are the only thing standing between customers and the freedom to update their engine software where and when it’s most convenient. Over-the-Air Programming is unmatched in its ease of use, giving customers the power of untethered service and maintenance. All that’s required is that they plug in the OnCommand® Link device into a 9-pin Deutsch service port, and connect to a secure WiFi signal. While the engine is updating, make sure the bus is parked on a safe, level surface, and that the internet connection is adequate. It takes about 25 minutes to update engine software, and during this period the OnCommand® Link device must stay plugged in to the Deutsch connector. Once the update is finished, the engine will be outfitted with the most up-to-date approved engine calibrations to ensure that it is ready for the road.



Over-the-Air Programming is the key to a fully connected fleet. The Link device is available as an aftermarket product for use with Navistar proprietary engines. Starting in 2017 it will be available on new IC Buses equipped with Cummins engines.


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OnCommand Connection
On Command Connection
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