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Sun State Bus Centers continues to grow and expand our service and support capabilities to serve our customers better.  When Sun State Bus Centers began in 2015, we made it a point to go out and get to know our new school bus customers better.  We wanted to understand what they need to be successful.  One of the main takeaways was the desire for on-site mobile service.   A technician in a well-equipped vehicle that could go to a school bus wherever it is, on the side of a road, parking facility or in a shop location, and perform diagnosis and repairs on the spot.  We listened to our customers and added 9 brand new, IC Bus specific mobile service units throughout the state of Florida.  These dedicated mobile service units are in addition to our already existing 17 Service and Parts locations statewide.


Sun State International, your IC Bus Dealer with locations in Tampa, Sarasota, Davenport, and Brooksville, has added 2 IC Bus mobile service vehicles to better assist our customers on the West side of the state.

Rechtien International, the Sun State Bus Centers IC Bus parts and service support dealer with full-service locations in Ft. Pierce, Rivera Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Miami, has added 3 mobile service vehicles in Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale areas.  Rechtien has a third mobile service vehicle available as the need may arise. Rechtien continues to provide excellent support to the IC Bus customers in the lower SE side of the state. 

Cumberland International, the IC Bus parts and service support dealer with full-service locations in Palm Bay, Orlando, Ocala, Daytona, St Augustine, and Jacksonville, has also added 2 new mobile service vehicles to service our school bus customers in the Central and NE portions of the state.

For our customers in the panhandle area, full-service parts and service support is provided by Ward International with locations in Tallahassee and Pensacola and Coffman International located in Dothan, AL.

The addition of these mobile service units will allow us to increase our reach to our bus customers throughout the state.

With 17 full-service facilities, 2 parts facilities, and 7 dedicated mobile service vehicles,  Sun State Bus Centers clearly has the largest and most capable service and support network in the state to reduce downtime and keep your buses on the road and safely transporting students.

To learn more about how Sun State Bus Centers can better serve you, please contact: Jamie Gray, Margaret Holland, or the IC Bus service location nearest you.

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