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Sun State Bus Centers offers a fully staffed education and development organization

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Photo of Mike Baker
Michael Baker
Technicial Trainer

Michael Baker:  Mike Baker has accepted the responsibility of full-time Technical Trainer for Sun State Bus Centers, providing bus focused training for our customers as well as our internal bus support staff.    

Returning to the US in 1993, Mike started with Sun State as a technician.  He has held several roles since including lead technician and manager of bus A/C installation operations. 

Most recently Mike has led Sun State’s apprenticeship program training.  He has also conducted diagnostic training for technicians at the Annual FAPT Summer Technicians Workshop

A List of IC school bus maintenance classes
A list of IC bus maintenance training classes
List of IC bus maintenance training classes

The classes are 8 to 12 in the morning, and 1 to 3 in the afternoon, with no more than 5 techs per class. Each class is one day long with the same techs for that day. The morning classes are in a classroom, afternoon classes in the shop. I require a bus and a table for set up. The valve adjustment class, item 5, will have one hour of classroom Instruction, with the rest of the day, about 3 to 4 hours to remove the rocker cover,  run the overhead, and reinstall the rocker cover. I can only train 2 techs per bus, with a maximum of 3 buses.  Classes 6 and 7 are hands on diagnostic's in the afternoon.


1)   Basic Electrical  

       Multimeter usage in electrical diagnostic procedures 

              a) Resistance checks, to include symbols of the ohms, IE K. (1.02k ohms), 

                   (thousands) and M = (1.0m ohms) (millions) in the display screen. 

              b) Direct current test 

              c) Understanding the correct way to test Diodes  

              d) understanding the usage of a relay with ground controls by the ECM. 

 2)   Service Portal 

               a) Locating and understanding publications for Proprietary, schematics diagnostic information, and wiring diagrams 

               b) Location of schematic symbols and acronyms charts with instructions  

               c)  Trouble shoot J1939 back bone, for Proprietary and public can line 

               d) Utilizing telematics FCAP as a diagnostic tool 

               e) Understanding the usage for service information by VIN. for location of specific information 

  3)  Quick Serve 

               a) Engine service information 

               b) Engine fault code search to in include utilization of the fault code Analyzer 

               c) Circuit description and component location  

               d) Affects DTC's have on the electrical system and what conditions need to be meet to clear trouble codes 

               e) Usage and location of the fault code trouble shooting tree 

  4)   Cummins Insite 

               a) Opening and understanding the usage of a work order for diagnostic purpose's 

               b) Diagnosing circuits using voltage drops 

               c)  Understanding the trouble shooting procedure for Proprietary J1939 component circuity  

               d) understanding regeneration of the aftertreatment system, IE how to read the temperatures reset procedures  

               e) Locate current ECM calibration and location of newest calibration update revisions 

   5)   Valve Adjustment 

                a) Starting in the classroom for instructions on the procedures 

                b) Remove valve cover and adjust the intake and exhaust valves  


    6)     Navistar Engine Diagnostic’s (NEDs) 

                  a) Usage and Understanding of the NEDs Program 

                  b) Hands on engine diagnostic’s and programing engine parameters  


     7)     Diamond Logic Builder (DLB) 

                      a) Usage and understanding of the DLB program 

                      b) Hands on Chassis diagnostic’s     

                      c) Signal Injection diagnostic’s 

                      d) Understanding feature usage and programing  




Michael Baker
IC Bus Technical Trainer
Sun State International Trucks LLC
6020 Adamo Dr Tampa FL 33619

For more information on training and education please contact: 



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