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Oct 16

Has anybody trained in the Orlando, FL area?


Edited: Oct 18

I'm thinking about moving to Orlando and would need a flight school to continue my training. I saw that KORL has a few different schools but I haven't found many reviews about them. dkt nsw

Could anybody share what they know about KORL's flight schools?

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  • bellinghamrc
    Jun 4

    Hi, Just bought an 05 IC bus with a DT466E engine and an Allison transmission. The first thing I learned: It is extremely difficult to find technical information about my bus. Nothing helpful on Youtube, the Internet, the manufacturer will not help but referred me to dealers. One dealer grudgingly sent me an Operator's manual which is nearly useless. Many of the things don't apply to my bus and many I need are not in the manual. Like, what do the green, red and white air tank drain valves go to and why are they color coded, or what does the MODE switch do on my transmission panel, etc.. Or wiring diagrams (just spent 7 hours tracking wires). Where do I get those? I don't mind spending money but I am don't know on what and I am worried to receive publications which apply to 20 buses and make it impossible to find out what applies to my bus. Thank you.
  • muskhilaurmerakoirishtahai
    Apr 28

    Hello, I'm having troubles finding a plate or a card of some sort that shows the serial number of the bus since they didnt really have a Vin number back then. I looked on the drivers side frame above the front leaf spring and found somewhat of numbers (A total of 10 Numbers) but when i google it, I get nothing. I need to find the right one for the DMV, also i tried looking for a stamp on the engine and the only numbers i could find were stamp on the right side of the valve cover with a total of 8 numbers. I read that theres a paper serial number in the glove box but the mice were living in there so that idea is gone. Thanks Sorry for the long post
  • mmpmzogb
    Apr 4, 2018

    Okay so what I want to do is fix computers. You know be a computer technician, get the A+ certification, MCP, and maybe even the apple one too. However, I am enrolled in Computer Science as my major and have to take alot of calculus, physics, etc. classes. So before I end up going for a B.S. in the wrong field I want to know is Computer Science and Computer technician the same thing or is it completely different. Im starting to have my doubts. Also, can anyone tell me if universities do anything related to the field I want to go in. Any help appreciated. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. reference: Blockchain Use Cases Thanks

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